Kong plugin for wrapping all proxy calls with a circuit-breaker

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kong-circuit-breaker is a Kong plugin that provides circuit-breaker functionality at the route level. It uses lua-circuit-breaker library internally to wrap proxy calls around a circuit-breaker pattern. The functionality provided by this plugin is similar to libraries like resilience4j in Java.


In high throughput use cases, if an API of an upstream service results in timeouts/failures, the following will happen:

  1. It will bring a cascading failure effect to Kong and reduce its performance
  2. Continued calls to upstream service (which is facing downtime) will prevent the upstream service from recovering Thus, it is essential for proxy calls made from Kong to fail fast using an intelligent configurable mechanism, leading to improved resiliency and fault tolerance.


The circuit breaker works like an electric circuit breaker only as it has three states:

  1. Open: The CB will not allow any requests to this route, and it will fail fast.
  2. Half-open: The CB will allow few requests to this route based on the configuration to check if it fails or passes.
  3. Closed: All requests will work as usual.

How does it work?

Internally, the plugin uses lua-circuit-breaker library to wrap proxy calls made by Kong with a circuit-breaker.

  1. To decide whether a route is in a healthy/unhealthy state, success % and failure % are calculated in a time window of window_time seconds.
  2. For any calculation to happen in step 1, the total number of requests in the time window should >= min_calls_in_window.
  3. If failure % calculated crosses failure_percent_threshold circuit is opened. This prevents any more calls to this route until wait_duration_in_open_state seconds have elapsed. After this, the circuit transitions to the half-open state automatically
  4. In the half-open state, when total_requests >= half_open_min_calls_in_window, failure % is calculated to resolve circuit-breaker into the open or the closed state.
  5. If the circuit-breaker cannot resolve the state in the wait_duration_in_half_open_state seconds, it automatically transitions into the closed state.



luarocks install kong-circuit-breaker

You will also need to enable this plugin by adding it to the list of enabled plugins using KONG_PLUGINS environment variable or the plugins key in kong.conf

export KONG_PLUGINS=circuit-breaker




Clone this repo and run:

luarocks make


conf = {
    version = 0,
	window_time = 15,
	min_calls_in_window = 20,
	api_call_timeout_ms = 500,
	failure_percent_threshold = 51,
	wait_duration_in_open_state = 15,
	wait_duration_in_half_open_state = 180,
	error_status_code = 599

You can add this plugin on a global / service / route level in Kong API Gateway.


Key Default Type Required Description
version 0 number true Version of plugin’s configuration
window_time 10 number true Window size in seconds
api_call_timeout_ms 2000 number true Duration to wait before request is timed out and counted as failure
min_calls_in_window 20 number true Minimum number of calls to be present in the window to start calculation
failure_percent_threshold 51 number true % of requests that should fail to open the circuit
wait_duration_in_open_state 15 number true Duration(sec) to wait before automatically transitioning from open to half-open state
wait_duration_in_half_open_state 120 number true Duration(sec) to wait in half-open state before automatically transitioning to closed state
half_open_min_calls_in_window 5 number true Minimum number of calls to be present in the half open state to start calculation
half_open_max_calls_in_window 10 number true Maximum calls to allow in half open state
error_status_code 599 number false Override response status code in case of error (circuit-breaker blocks the request)
error_msg_override nil string false Override with custom message in case of error
response_header_override nil string false Override “Content-Type” response header in case of error
excluded_apis ”{"GET_/kong-healthcheck": true}” string true Stringified json to prevent running circuit-breaker on these APIs
set_logger_metrics_in_ctx true boolean false Set circuit-breaker events in kong.ctx.shared to be consumed by other plugins like logger


  1. Circuit breaker uses time window to count failures, successes, and total_requests. These windows are not sliding, i.e., if you create a window of 10 seconds, it will create windows like:
     window_1 (  0s - 10s ),
     window_2 ( 10s - 20s ),
     window_3 ( 20s - 30s ) ...
  2. Circuit-breaker object is created for each route in each nginx worker. The state of CB object (like counters) is never shared among workers. While setting the configuration, carefully set parameters like min_calls_in_window taking total nginx workers into account.
  3. Circuit breaker uses failure % to figure out if a route is healthy or not. Always set min_calls_in_window to start calculations; else, you may open the circuit when total_requests are relatively low.
  4. Set half_open_max_calls_in_window to prevent allowing too many requests to the route in the half-open state.
  5. set_logger_metrics_in_ctx sets circuit_breaker_name, upstream_service_host and circuit_breaker_state in kong.ctx.shared.logger_metrics.circuit_breaker. You can later use this data within context of a request to log these events.
  6. version helps in recreating a new circuit-breaker object for a route if conf_new.version > conf_old.version, so whenever you change the plugin configuration, increment the version for changes to take effect.

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